1. "But it’s worth it."

    By lolspratt (found via insooutso)

    Every complaint I had about pregnancy and birth was answered with this. The bearer of the phrase clearly expected me to smile, rub my belly or hug my child and wholeheartedly agree. Surely all that pain and suffering was wiped out once my beloved and very much hoped-for baby had arrived.

    I am relatively young, in excellent shape, eat very healthy and love being a mother. I had an average pregnancy and pretty typical birth two years ago. Yet my body hurts every god damn day from pregnancy and childbirth. As someone who has run a marathon with a stress fracture, I can tell you this pain is no fucking joke. I will never be the same.

    To underestimate or dismiss the physical hardship, risk of death and lifelong effects of pregnancy and childbirth is cruel. I willingly submitted myself to all of this. To force someone to endure these things is nothing less than a horror.

    If I had gotten pregnant any time before Margaret turned 2, I would have had an abortion. Without a doubt, I would have had an abortion. I’m willing to undergo the physical demands of having another child, but not until I’m god damn good and ready.

    I decide if it’s worth it.

    Reblogged because Roe v. Wade wasn’t and isn’t about the right to have an abortion it’s about those last two lines …

    not until I’m god damn good and ready.

    I decide if it’s worth it.