1. If only I could respond to real life communiques like social media posts …

    Our property suffered an unexpected and disastrous failure of the drywall plaster ceiling causing it all to collapse and requiring extensive repairs. We offered free rent while this was to occur, but the tenants decided that they wanted to break the lease and move - fair enough, I’m not going to force people to stay where they don’t want to be - so I said sure, waived any fiscal penalties, etc to make it easier for them to do so … after all, it’s just being kind and human, really. So, all good, right?

    Nope. We get a “notice to seek compensation” from the tenant claiming for a bunch of things like lost salary, costs of moving, pain, suffering and some other elements that amounts to the entire rent they paid in the six months they were there. 

    So, now I have to get a lawyer involved and write up a response, I just wish I could just reply with:

  2. Saturday

    Will involve me getting up by 8am to pick up my fourby from the mechanic after having a new bull bar, winch, fog lights and some electrical work done, then off to the old maison to fix the front porch light which is arcing and sparking as well as the rear door threshold which is rotting away. Then back to try and make a start on fixing the drawers in the kitchen and bathroom of the current maison … Somewhere in all of this flurry of activity I am meant to be studying for my TOGAF exam and think about planning out the next stage of farm based activities, do the groceries, buy birthday gifts for the twin nephew and niece and maybe even find time to sneak in a cold one because its meant to be 30°

  3. xntrek:

    A snapshot of my life over the last decade as documented by my camera(s) and uploaded to flickr.

    I forgot I had done this … I am surprised at the glimpse into my own life and travels - as limited a view as it is from a short period of time behind the runner eye cup of a camera.