1. Seems there is a negative version of serendipity

    In a weird coincidence, I posted a rants post about cat declawing based on an office conversation where a colleague was talking about adopting a kitten and booking it in for a desex and a declaw procedure.

    I couldn’t believe it.

    How can someone want a pet and then try to denature it?

    I don’t understand it all.

    I got some interesting backlash over that post because someone assumed I’m attacking someone else on here?

    Three things …

    1. I don’t do passive. If I have an issue with someone I tell them.
    2. I’ve had three hours sleep after working till 3am yesterday, so I have not caught up on tumblr yet, so whomever it is that I unfortunately coincided with, I apologise and when I get there I’ll see who and what that wash about.
    3. Just because people disagree on a topic, does not mean that reasonable, intelligent human beings cannot debate or discuss it. We should be able to discuss, debate and push each others viewpoints. It is part of our intellectual growth.

    Anyway, that’s all.