1. monkeyfrog:

    Promoting Fat Shaming? Really?



    “Expert” claims nothing else works as well as shaming to encourage overweight to eat less and move more.

    Full disclosure: the guy who’s proposing this is 82 and probably grew up in the “you’ll go blind if you rub it” era.

    Also, the same guy is an ex-smoker, who says that people shunning him for his “nasty” habit played a big part in his cessation.

    I used to smoke a pack and a half a day, and let me tell you — I couldn’t care less if the overwhelming portion of the populace thought it was gross. Other people’s opinions weighed fuck-all in my decision to quit. I quit burning tobacco because I was afraid I was going to have a fucking stroke if I didn’t.

    TL;DR - Self-confessed easily manipulated tool of popular opinion promotes bullying. Fuck him in the goat ass and no one owes him or anyone else a fucking explanation for their size.

    If shaming worked I’d have shamed myself gaunt by now.

    Gaunt!? If I could be shamed, I’d be a fucking gaunt, poor, celibate, uber christian, bible bashing missionary … 

    I have the type of body that evolution perfected for “persistence hunting” - one that was useful to generations upon generations of my ancestors to work all day and survive on what was available. I am the only person I know who became a vegetarian for a decade AND PUT ON WEIGHT! I have the evolutionary results of genes designed to survive and become uber efficient within 10 days - which means I need to have new forms of physical activity every ten days - otherwise my body WILL start squireling away energy even if I ate nothing but Brussel Sprouts.

    Shaming? Fuck you. I have a sedentary lifestyle based on a society that values earning money more than it values any other thing. I already succumbed to the shaming of being “successful” as a “working member of society” rather than doing what I love, but society deems is not worth paying for.

    Further, why is it always those who can eat three cheesecakes in a row and do 20 minutes in a gym who are the ones quick to state these stupidities?

    Well, that escalated quickly from a snide joke to an angry rant …

    as you were.