1. I was told off today for this thing I do …

    Whenever I see those “cute” or so called “empathic” posts, images or other such dribble cut-and-pasted in social media - I always respond with a dose of reality via a post about doing some real caring and donating to charity (or a snopes link if it’s a something that is easily debunked) or some such response … admittedly, my text can often be seen as narky, but its not meant to be an attack of the individual - it’s about an attack of the laziness of society that such a post engenders. Too many people today feel that its ok to just rehash some message on facebook, twitter or some other social media platform like it actually makes a difference … rather than actually doing something that actively makes a difference.

    What I’m trying to say is that I have grown so cynical and despondent about the actions of those on social media that even post of good intention posts have received my insta-response to them. 

    I blame people.