1. This is (a) Me(me)

    Name: Taiss

    Height: 175cm in the morning … shrinking to 173cm by evening.

    Eye Color: Light Brown

    Birthday: August. Second. Every year.

    Favourite colour: is contextually themed. I like white, for cars, and black for clothes, and blues and greens for … look, I like colours - all of the colours, but not on all of the things.

    Best school subject(s): Maths and sciences. However, favourites were Literature, philosophy, history …

    Mac or PC: Apricot. (Bonus points if you know the reference)

    Current shirt color: Black.

    Gamer?: In certain spurts of non ADD dysfunctionality, but not for long.

    Day or night: Dusk and dawn.

    Celebrity crush: I’m pretty sure that based on my weight, I could indeed crush a celebrity.

    Coffee?: three-quarter long black (aka a double ristretto dropped into a quarter glass of hot water)

    Favorite Food: Fresh. Cooked. Shared with friends.