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    Flat. Straight out, exhausted. I spent the entire weekend just sleeping and resting. I get through to about 2pm before I’m yawning like a hobo who’s been shuffled along. People in the office are starting to notice, but I tell them it’s just the stress of the transition programme. I’m starting to run out of breath too. Just a little bit more than I used to, but enough to leave me a little more dizzy than I should be. A coughing fit has me out of breath, crying and nearly fainting. Had a new set of bloods taken, and red cells are still dropping. I have one more set set up to do on the weekend, then I see the endo next week anyways. I’m already booked in to go in for a double exploratory on the 7th. The way I’m feeling, though, I’m pretty sure that it’s back. If it isn’t, and how I hope it isn’t, then I’m calling it an alien infestation now, because damnations sonny, this is fucking knocking me on my arse and I’d be a lot more angry and frustrated if I had the energy to spare.